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The 90-Day Total Life Transformation

This Coaching Journey is for the individual who is READY to reduce STRESS, build CONFIDENCE and skyrocket PRODUCTIVITY!

This program provides the consistent SUPPORT + ACCOUNTABILITY for you to achieve meaningful + lasting life changes. Together, over the course of 12 weekly 60-minute sessions, we will design YOUR unique path to a more PEACEFUL, PASSIONATE and PURPOSEFUL YOU!!  


Individual Coaching Intensives

This 90 minute One-on-One Coaching Sessions can assist you in gaining clarity + direction in a specific area or situation.

This service is great for the women looking for guidance in a singular arena of her life. However, Intensives are no substitute for the benefits of building a consistent coaching relationship.

Appointments available in person or online via Zoom, Skype or Messenger.


Coaching Conversations:

Workshops that WORK!

These 30-minute subject specific bi-monthly workshops are helpful in improving your life + business in short, informative bursts!

Topics include: Time Management, Social Media, Positive Affirmations, Goal Setting, Dream Building, Business Networking and SO MUCH MORE!


Coaching Conversations are recorded and attendees are sent the link to the recording after the workshop along with any related materials.


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